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November 2023

Our Next Meeting

Next Meeting Date: Saturday, November 4
Where: Tryon Palace  Trip
Meet: Parking lot of Hanover Center near the O2 Fitness Center
Leave: 7:45am
Tour Starts: 10:45
Lunch: Morgan’s Tavern and Grill


Save the Date!
The Christmas Tea “Cocktail Event”
December 9, 2023
Caoe Fear Country Club

Upcoming Chapter Events & News

This Month’s Chapter meeting

We are excited to remind you of our upcoming trip to Tryon Palace in New Bern, North Carolina, on Saturday, November 4th. The highlight of our day will be the Governor’s Pass Tour, offering a 2.5 to 3-hour immersive experience into 18th-century life, complete with a presentation and discussion on 18th-century cooking techniques.

Following the tour, we’ll come together for a relaxed and late lunch at Morgan’s Tavern and Grill where we can enjoy good food and even better company. This trip is a fantastic opportunity to connect with fellow members, delve into history, and appreciate the roots of our great nation. We look forward to sharing this memorable day with you.

Meet: Parking lot of Hanover Center near the O2 Fitness Center
Leave: 7:45am
Tour Starts: 10:45
Lunch: Morgan’s Tavern and GrillYour Content Goes Here

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Veterans Day Project

We’re delighted to announce that the Wilmington Ladies Tea Walk Chapter, NSDAR, will be participating in the Veterans Day Ceremony at Cape Fear Community College on November 9th at 11 AM in the main courtyard.

It’s a heartfelt gathering, and we invite you to join us and participate as we represent our chapter’s dedication to our veterans. Our Veterans committee chairman, Gayle Bordeaux, will be there to greet and direct you on how you can help with the event. We’ll have a simple table set up, offering water and star pins on a red, white, and blue ribbon, which you can take with you. You’ll also find forms to sponsor a wreath for the Wilmington National Cemetery. It’s an opportunity to show your support and gratitude for our veterans. Please contact Gayle if you are inspired to help out and support our veterans.

CFCC Veterans Table Service Project

In an effort to honor our student veterans and enhance their experience at Cape Fear Community College, we’re sponsoring a small canteen area in the student veterans center. It’s a small gesture that can make a big difference in their daily lives. The student veterans have expressed a need for small, single-serving bags of microwave popcorn and flavored coffee creamers to make their time on campus more comfortable and enjoyable.

We’d like to extend a big thanks to Gayle Bordeaux, whose tireless efforts have made this initiative possible. She’s been instrumental in organizing this meaningful project.

As we come together for our meetings, if you can bring either microwave popcorn or non-refrigerated flavored and holiday creamers, you’d be contributing significantly to this cause. These simple snacks and a warm cup of coffee (courtesy of the college) can provide a comforting and inviting space for our student veterans, making their academic journey just a bit sweeter.

SAR 250th Anniversary Medal

Let’s celebrate America250 together!

The North Carolina Sons of the American Revolution have a commemorative medal which celebrates America250. This beautiful medal is completely unique as it represents North Carolina and includes the three North Carolina Signers on the reverse side. This is a $20 (plus $5.00 shipping) fund raising medal which is available to non-members of the SAR that anyone can wear. Buy a set for yourself and your spouse to share or feel free to buy multiple sets.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the North Carolina SAR-DAR Liaison, Richard Peña, at
[email protected] or at (919) 757-1063 or contact me.

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Committee & Officer Reports

Chaplain’s Report

Jennifer Sturm

Continued prayers for Sandy and Ginger who are recovering from recent surgeries.

Wreaths Across America

Gayle Bordeaux

The ceremony this year will be help on Saturday morning, December 16 at the Wilmington National Cemetery. At last count we still need 3,869 wreaths to be donated so that each Veteran
ill receive one. It can be a little chilly so we will provide light snacks and hot coffee to the volunteers. You may sponsor a wreath by going to the site. You can then choose the Wilmington National Cemetery (sponsor a specific cemetery 14908) or a National Cemetery dear to your heart and make a donation. Additionally, each wreath can be sponsored by a local group (NSDAR 22676). Please consider a donation and coming out to help on the16th . I have never seen such an outpouring of support from the community.

Buy A Wreath • Honor a Veteran • Support Our Chapter

Continuing DAR Education

Keep up to date with your officer and committee roles and goals!  Below are some of the classes, workshops, blogs, and webinars to assist in learning more about our DAR organizations and positions.

DAR Leadership Training Courses

You still have time to register and graduate from one of the DAR Leadership Training Courses during State Regent Anna Choi’s term. Upon your graduation, you will be celebrated at a special ceremony held during the 2024 State Conference. You will receive a graduation cord and certificate and your photo will be proudly displayed on the large screen.

Eileen Bright (email) is the coordinator for the Members Course. Catherine Bracey is the coordinator for the Committee Leaders and New Horizons Courses. Email her for the Committee Leaders Course or the New Horizons Course. Click here for more information about the courses.

Courses are self-paced. Members who enroll in one of the courses during early November should, with diligent work, be able to complete the course in time for State Conference graduation. 

Susan Waldkirch
Leadership Training Committee State Chair 

Protocol Moment

Tips on DAR Etiquette & Protocol

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Chapter Calendar


  • Nov 4 – Chapter meeting: Tryon Palace Trip
    Program: Governor’s Pass Tour
    Presentation and discussion: 2.5 – 3 hour tour with 18th century cooking techniques.

  • Nov 8 – Election Day
  • Nov 11 – Veterans Day

Chapter Reminders
Please remember to record your Service to America volunteer hours earned over the year.

Visit these DAR publications and messages to see what’s happening on the state and national levels.

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