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October 2023

Our Next Meeting

Next Meeting Date: Thursday, October 3
Social: 6 pm Bring a bag dinner.
Our Program: 6:30pm
Service To America, What Counts? (Service)
Service Project: NourishNC

Find the Meeting

St. James Episcopal Parish
Great Hall
25 S. 3rd Street, Wilmington, NC 28401

Parking and room location:
WLTW can park in the parking lot on the corner of 4th St and Dock St, the First Citizens Bank parking lot across the street or on street parking right in front of the building.
Parking and room location:
WLTW can park in the parking lot on the corner of 4th St and Dock and also in the First Citizens Bank parking lot across the street. Additionally, there is street parking right in front of the building.
The Great Hall is on the first floor. Enter the double doors directly across First Citizens Bank off Market Street. Someone should be there to let you in or text Ann Moore at (910) 233-3780 and someone will come down to meet you.


Save the Date!
We’re Going to Tryon Palace

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Upcoming Chapter Events & News

This Month’s Chapter meeting Service Project

At the Wilmington Ladies Tea Walk Chapter, DAR, community service has always held a special place in our hearts. This year, we’re excited to continue our partnership with NourishNC, an organization dedicated to combating food insecurity among school-age children in our community.

To support this mission, we are rolling up our sleeves and creating snack packs that will make a real difference in the lives of local students.

Our goal is to fill these snack packs with wholesome, kid-friendly snacks that will help bridge the gap when children are away from school.

Here’s how you can get involved: Join us at our upcoming meeting, October 5th at 6:30pm at St. James Parish, where we’ll be assembling these snack packs with love and care. Your hands-on help and enthusiasm will go a long way in ensuring the success of this project. We welcome all members, both new and longstanding, to come together and make a tangible impact on the lives of these children.

In addition to your time and effort, we also encourage you to click the button below to donate much-needed items for the snack packs.

snack pack sign-up sheet

We’d love you to join us. Please sign up for the trip below or
contact Autumn Leonard, vice-regent.

Sign up Sheet

Save the Date
We’re Going to Tryon Palace

Buckle up your bonnets because we’re embarking on a thrilling historical adventure! This November 4th, the Wilmington Ladies Tea Walk Chapter, DAR, is trading our regular meeting for a unique outing to Tryon Palace in New Bern, North Carolina.

Tryon Palace, often dubbed the “Crown Jewel of North Carolina’s Historic Sites,” is a living testament to our nation’s rich history. Nestled along the picturesque shores of the Trent River, it serves as a time machine, whisking us back to the days of colonial America.

As we step through the palace’s regal gates, we’ll immerse ourselves in the elegance and grandeur of the past. From the meticulously restored rooms with period furnishings to the lush gardens that breathe life into history, every corner of Tryon Palace tells a story. And as a bonus, we’ll be learning abot 18th century cooking techniques!

So mark your calendars for Saturday, November 4th, and prepare to be transported through time at Tryon Palace. We encourage all members to join us for this special outing, as we temporarily trade our traditional meeting for an unforgettable day of history and camaraderie. Stay tuned for more details, and let’s make this journey to Tryon Palace a memorable chapter in our own history.

Meet the WLTW 2023 – 2025 Officers

We are delighted to introduce our newly installed officers who will lead the Wilmington Ladies Tea Walk Chapter, DAR, through 2023-2025. Ann Moore will serve as Regent and Autumn Leonard as Vice Regent. Together with the our new officers, they form a dynamic team committed to upholding our core values of patriotism, historic preservation, and education. Join us in welcoming and supporting these dedicated individuals as we embark on another chapter of our WLTW DAR journey.

From left to right: Michelle Reavis, Treasurer; Phyllis Edgerton, Librarian; Kristin Bedford, Registrar; Autumn Leonard, Vice Regent; Ann Moore, Regent; Jennifer Sturm, Chaplain, Recording Secretary; Sherri Cane, Historian
Not pictured: Sandy McKeithan, Parliamentarian; Gina Thompson, Corresponding Secretary

Christmas Tea News

Get ready to celebrate the season in a whole new way! This year’s Annual Christmas Tea promises to be extra special as we mark our 15th Chapter anniversary. On December 9th, we’re breaking tradition and embracing something different, something exciting. Stay tuned for the big reveal of this year’s festivities, and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised. It’s a holiday event you won’t want to miss!

Committee & Officer Reports

Vice Regent’s Report

Autumn Leonard

Vice Regent Report

October is DAR’s birthday and for our Day of Service project we will be making Snack Packs for NourishNC. Please use the link to sign-up to bring items to stuff the packs at our next meeting. If you have a DAR shirt, please wear it. 

Sign Up Sheet

Registrar’s Report

Kristin Bedford

I am pleased to announce Codi Alberti has volunteered to be Asst. Registrar. Her assistance will be a wonderful addition to our application process and definitely needed as I am excited to report that we currently have 17 Prospective Members at different stages in the application process. 8 of the 17 are actively working on their applications and we are working on those in the order that they submitted their interest in DAR. We have several applications that have been completed and are pending at National awaiting a genealogist’s review.

With so many wonderful women interested in membership I am in the process of planning a social at my home in October when all our prospective members can get together to meet each other and members of the board. Tentatively scheduled for October 20th 6pm . An Evite will be sent out soon.

WLTW Book Club

Phyllis Edgerton

Do you like to read? Do you like to get together with friends to talk? If your answers are ‘yes’ then let’s start a WLTW Book Club! I need to find out who is interested in participating and then we will plan the particulars (When to meet, what books to read, etc.)

Please email Phyllis Edgerton at [email protected]. I will set up an information meeting to discuss and finalize plans. I hope we can start reading and meeting in January.

Continuing DAR Education

Keep up to date with your officer and committee roles and goals!  Below are some of the classes, workshops, blogs, and webinars to assist in learning more about our DAR organizations and positions.

New Genealogy Resources for DAR Members

The Registrar General’s Department is pleased to share some new resources that may be useful to members as they are completing membership Applications or working on other genealogy projects.


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Learn More about the American Heritage Committee

The American Heritage Committee seeks to celebrate our rich cultural traditions in the arts and crafts, as well as music, literature and drama. While the committee began in 1963, it traces its roots to our first President General, Caroline Scott Harrison. Mrs. Harrison enjoyed painting and often painted orchids and other flowers. As part of the DAR centennial celebration in 1990, a set of four hand painted fine porcelain mugs in 12kt gold were created as a tribute to Mrs. Harrison.

Click here to read more

Protocol Moment

Tips on DAR Etiquette & Protocol

Click on image to enlarge.

Events Calendar


  • Oct. 3- 1780 • Anniversary of Battle of McIntyre’s Farm (AKA Battle of the Bees), Mecklenburg Co, NC
  • Oct 5 – Chapter meeting St James Episcopal Parish

  • Oct 7 – 1780 • Anniversary of the Battle of Kings Mountain

  • Oct 8-9 -Bells Across America in honor of fallen firefighters
  • Oct 8 -NSDAR Day of Prayer

  • Oct 9 -Columbus Day

  • Oct 11 – NSDAR Birthday; NSDAR Day of Service
  • Oct 14 – 1780 • Anniversary of the Battle of Shallow Ford, Yadkin Co, NC

  • Oct 19 – 1781 • Anniversary of the Victory at Yorktown

  • Oct 25 – 1774 • Anniversary of the Edenton Tea Party, Chowan Co, NC

Chapter Reminders
Please remember to record your Service to America volunteer hours earned over the year.

If you have a WLTW DAR tee-shirt, please wear it to the October meeting!

Visit these DAR publications and messages to see what’s happening on the state and national levels.

The Tarheel Patriot
President’s General Message
National Defender

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